Find the Cause of the Headache!


Headaches plague many people.   Many of those who suffer, have no idea where the headache came from or what to do about it.  


There are four major types of headaches:


Tension: often felt as a tightness/ dull ache and is commonly attributed to muscle spasms of the head, neck or upper back


Migraine: can be felt on one side of the head, and may cause vomiting or visual disturbances


Mixed: combination of the tension and migraine symptoms


Cluster: headaches that can be piercing or throbbing and are characterized by a serious of headaches


Finding the cause:


Often called “triggers,” these events or issues can be an underlying cause that if avoided, will get rid of headaches completely or diminish greatly.  Once the trigger is found, a lifestyle change may be necessary but as many headache suffers can confirm, its well worth it.  Recently, I have seen an increase in headaches in my office and many find great relief with chiropractic care and muscle release techniques.  Chiropractic helps the body function at its optimum because it helps restore normal function and range of motion.  MRT can ensure the muscles are relaxed to decrease the chance of headaches returning.   A combination of chiropractic treatment with elimination of triggers can be powerful in avoiding headaches all together.


Common triggers:

  • Repetitive stress
  • Mental stressors
  • Physical trauma
  • Food sensitivities
  • Seasonal changes
  • Medications
  • Lack of sleep
  • Caffeine
  • Smoking or second hand smoke
  • Aspartame (Diet sodas)
  • Nitrites (found in some animal products)
  • Odors or perfumes


This is a very short list but shows that we are exposed to triggers daily but not everyone has the same trigger.  Fight the headache cycle with chiropractic/ myofascial release care and pinpoint your specific trigger to take away the effect headaches have on your life. 


Dr. Cara Cerrone



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