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Find the Cause of the Headache!

Headaches plague many people.   Many of those who suffer, have no idea where the headache came from or what to do about it.  


There are four major types of headaches: 

Text Message Pain

Text messaging has become one of the primary methods of communication.  It’s an ease that caters to our often fast paced lifestyles.

Fashion or Arthritis, Your Choice

It is common to see women wearing high heels on a regular basis.  I have spoken to some about their choice in shoes and if it causes pain.  Most are adamant that the high heels have no ill affect on their body.    

Want to improve your ability to multi-task and decrease your work-life stress? Try meditation or another form of relaxation techniques.

Originally published on now on Zdnet - an article well worth readying.  Read how Meditiation improves multitasking skills at work

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